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About Leanne Cannon

Leanne is the author of "The Empowered Woman - Purpose, Passion and Possibilities", "TIME MASTERY: Key to Increased Productivity and Profitability" and the "Steps to Success Workbook". She has also written many articles in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and blogs.

"Leanne Cannon, has a true passion for helping people examine their own potential and realize that, despite all odds, their dreams are possible. She began business training and business coaching in 2002. Former Broadcast Executive for the TPN Television Success Channel, she was privileged to work along with some of the world's greatest business mentors, such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Patricia Fripp, Michael Gerber and many others. Leanne is a keynote speaker, business trainer and coach who inspires people to believe in themselves and ignites them into action! Her unique style of communicating with the audience as a public speaker challenges them to explore their own potential and believe that, despite all odds, virtually anything is attainable for them. As a Business Coach, her aim is to assist entrepreneurs in growing their business and increasing their own self-confidence. In the process, she shares powerful marketing strategies with her coaching clients that gets them more exposure and more business fast."


"When I was in front of all the training by so many great mentors every day, I recognized how much it helped me, empowered me and really changed me. It altered my mindset and began to turn around my low self-esteem. I felt that this personal development information was so important for everyone to hear that I just began speaking about it everywhere to any club, organization, association, networking group or corporation that would have me. My aim was to help people realize that anything is possible for them, and to encourage them to go after their dream, no matter what it was, or how it was viewed by others.

One day, the CEO of Exective Consulting Services, Doug Pell, was in the audience and heard me speak. The short story is that he hired me to work for him, and this is where I got my first taste of business coaching and consulting. Executive Consulting Services' clients were major corporations like Lockheed Martin and Merrill Lynch, banks, manufacturing, and other large corporations. He became my mentor and trained me in Business Coaching. I fell in love with helping others bolster their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as move their business forward.”


"When I developed my own company, Dream Achievers Unlimited, my focus shifted to the small business owner and the entrepreneur/solopreneur. The reason is because my own business journey involved this path, so it was natural for me to move in this direction. My husband and I grew a carpet cleaning company from NO money to a 6-figure business, I owned a thriving nail salon for a time, and found success also in network marketing, as a member of the Board of Directors in a million dollar organization within the company. So I focused my attention here when I started my own practice.


"Heavens NO! I have experienced the many struggles of juggling family and business. I know what it is to have to scrimp and just get by and sacrifice ... big time! I was raising little kids and running more than one business at the same time and it was challenging to say the least!! But in the end, I know what it took to build our companies to become successful, and I can bring in my experience to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs. Working with me can help them keep the momentum forward-moving in their business, increase their own self-confidence and help them get where they want to go much faster."


"Well, it is always good to have "fresh eyes" looking at your business to see things from a totally different perspective. It allows you to see MORE! Working with me will allow you to see things that are currently invisible to you right now. It's like someone turning the light on in a dark room, and you say, "OH! That's where it is!" or "Oh! I didn't see that before!" Those things were there all along, but you just couldn't see them, because the light was off and the room was dark. I hear the phrase, "OH!" a lot in my business, and I'm so happy to be the one to 'turn the light on' for others. It's very rewarding for me, and often makes a big difference in my client's business!"


I do love public speaking! Once I found a truly life-changing message, I realized that if I speak for an audience, chances are that at least ONE person in attendance could potentially be forever touched by the information I share. It could be just one word, one idea or one phrase that creates a paradigm shift for someone or awakens a sleeping giant inside them. The positive ripple effect of that may well be something I will never find out about, but just the possibility of this happening makes it worthwhile to me, and fills me up!


"Well, I would just like to say that it would be my privilege to work with any entrepreneur who may feel a bit stuck, if you lack confidence, or if you just need to be held accountable to force yourself to do what you know you need to do and really want to do, then I'm your coach! If you want to move forward faster, gain greater momentum in your business and make more money, then I'm your coach! If you want fresh marketing ideas to gain more exposure and more business, then I'm your coach! Or if, like a sports team, you want a coach on the sidelines showing you things from my vantage point outside the game that you currently cannot see from inside the game, then I'm your coach!

To find out more about working with me, anyone interested can go to WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH ME? I offer a FREE BUSINESS COACHING SESSION to find out about your business and to GIVE you helpful ideas to grow your business."

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"My pleasure!"

Leanne Cannon has been inspiring others through motivational speaking and business training for over 20years to direct sales companies, clubs, schools, organizations, and sales groups. Groups such as:

  • Professional Business Women's Association
  • Maplewood Community College
  • Arch Wireless Corporation
  • Executive Consulting Services,Inc.
  • Weekenders International
  • The People's Network Television
  • Robinson Memorial Hospital/Cancer
    Support Group
  • The Women's Network of Ohio, etc.
  • Microsoft
  • US Bank
  • Akron University
  • Malone University
  • Kent State University
  • Toastmasters International
  • ... and many more

"I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to YOU the keys to a brighter future in your business!"

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